Infra Engineer - Network Security Senior

Mission context

Within the tribe IT Infrastructure & Collaboration Services, the squad Network Security and Core is responsible to manage the network access (proxy, ..) and the firewalls of the bank. The daily activities consist of implementing new access security rules and new firewall rules, maintaining the existing ones and solving incidents.

Function description

  • You will participate in daily management of the network access (Firewalls, Switching & Routing, Load Balancing, DNS, Proxies, …)
  • You …
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Date published :
22 Jul 2022
Respond until:
08 Aug 2022

Agile Product Owner

Mission context :

According to Scrum methodology, the Agile Product Owner represents both stakeholders and the voice of the customers capturing their expectations, preferences and aversions. Along with the Scrum Master and the Development Team he/she embodies the Scrum Team.

The Agile Product Owner is in charge of expressing and prioritizing the needs of the product using a Product Backlog.

The Agile Product Owner has to ensure the Development Team’s perfect understanding of the product and the …

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Date published :
23 Jun 2022
Respond until:
14 Jul 2022

Scrum Lead

For our client active in the rail area

Contexte technique

The Scrum Lead has to ensure the Development Team’s perfect understanding of the product and the whole consistency of each Sprint.

  • Manage the product backlog (create & prioritize features and user stories)
  • Craft the roadmap for the Developer portal
  • Lead the technical refinements with the team
  • Communicate and align with your stakeholders +Perform market research and seek improvements for your products based on user needs / expectations
  • Build …
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Date published :
22 Jun 2022
Respond until:
30 Jun 2022